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MicroSoft Azure Architect & CloudGIS Specialist
IoT Instrastructure Developer 
EV:HEV Mechanism Developer

The GodFather

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Phd Scholar, University of Mumbai
Co-Ordinator, ISRO-IIRS Outreach Program, ISRO, Dehradun, India
Reviewer, Giscience & Remote Sensing, Taylor & Francis
Reviewer, IEEE, Geoscience & Remote Sensing, California
Research Associate, Institute of Investigation in Remote Sensing & GIS, Netherland
Research Technology Consultant, AutoCluster, Pune, India
ME (VLSI & Embedded Systems), University of Pune
BE (Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering), University of Mumbai
CESD, Pune University
MIEEE, California
MIAENG, Hong Kong
MATSC, Washington DC, USA
MIFERP, Chennai, India 

IoT Instrastrructure Developer

Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Developer, Cloud Network Management, Data Science, Algorithm Developer, Network Management, Cryptography Techniques, Data Distribution, Data Security, Data Analysis

Embedded Systems & AR Designer

RF Planning and Optimization (CDMA, GSM & UMTS), 3G / 4G / 5G, WiMax, UTRAN, RAN network Optimization, Product Designing and firmware coding, Firmware Development on Communication Protocols: I2C, CAN, SPI, UART, Bluetooth, Zigbee, LoRa, Automate processes by utilizing machine learning, Augmented Reality

Remote Sensing and GIS Specialist

Drone / Quadcopter Design ,Payload Design
, LiDAR , STLV EEv1, Flight Controller Design, Navigation System ,DC Distribution System , Flight Controller Design ,Communication Systems, Payload Coordination, Remote Sensing and GIS, NASA and ISRO Database management

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